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Dawn Airey: Yahoo!'s New Senior Vice President for Europe, Middle East and Africa
August 28, 2013

Dawn Airey, a renowned woman personality of U.K. broadcaster area has been recently appointed as senior vice president in Yahoo! EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa). Ms. Dawn Airey is replacing Mr. Christophe Parcot with effect from November 1. Ms. Airey will report to Yahoo!’s Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Henrique de Castro. According to Mr. de Castro, Ms. Airey is visionary, discipline in operational activities and possessing leadership skills. Further, Mr. de Castro pointed out that...
Tips to Follow in Branding Your Business
August 5, 2013

The very first step to creating a brand is to identify it and define in great detail. This is a very important step because it will make the marketing of your brand easier on yourself. After you have thoroughly defined your brand, you can work on designing the logo for your company. This should fit within the characteristics of your company. After you have identified your brand and created your logo, you should make sure you use it wherever and whenever you can. Include in emails, websites,...
Tips to Social Media Success
August 5, 2013

These days, there is a big difference between being present in social media and actually having a “presence” in social media. Most companies are striving to be relevant on social media but some find it difficult to figure out where to start. There are a few ways a business can ensure its place in the social media world. Of course it would be great to connect with everyone on social media but, realistically, businesses need to know who their fan base is and how to connect with them. They should...

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Women Empowerment – For the Betterment of Society and the Entire World Business Ideas is sponsored by Granted, America’s top job search engine.

Women Empowerment is a much heard and debated term in contemporary society these days. Today, many women around the world hold several important positions in society. There are lawyers, doctors and engineers who are women and equally share the spotlight just like their male counterparts. […]

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